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What Makes Us Unique

Highly qualified, child-centric helpers
We help a broad age range: 4 years to 16 years old
We won't diagnose or label your child
Sessions are every other week
You'll get feedback after each session

The Artplay Way

Artplay uses art-techniques to help kids open up verbally, while they are creating. This art often turns into a therapeutic tool/strategy for calming at home or school. We use traditional art supplies, as well as sensory supplies, or building supplies, to give kids options for how they want to express themselves. While the creation is happening, we do direct check-ins about your child's home, school and extracurricular lives, as well as the main concern that brought them to Artplay.

Non-Clinical Environment

Our therapy spaces are non-clinical in nature, so that kids feel at ease. There are art tables and play areas for full emotional expression, hide-outs for when children need to regulate, plus outdoor gardens. We use lots of fun art supplies, sensory items, and therapeutic games - such as Emotional Bingo - to give kids the chance to troubleshoot ways to lower their anxieties, under the close guidance of our advanced Artplay helpers.

Our Store

Artplay has a small, fun-filled store that is full of therapeutic tools and toys to help kids feel happy. We sell feeling-based toys, coordination-promoting games, plus loads of sensory fun on the Sensory Central table. And, entrepreneurial kids have their own sections of items that they make and sell at Artplay (to build confidence). They earn 100% of their own income! CLICK HERE TO MEET OUR YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS!

Please Donate

Kids love all kinds of unique items to be creative, so we appreciate the donation of all kinds of supplies:
• Art materials (paints, pastels, pencils, paper, canvas)
• Sensory (clay, foil, buttons, textural fabrics)
• Building (wood pieces, rope, boxes, cardboard tubes)
• Gardening (seeds, pots, fairy items)
• Left-over birthday party supplies (small prizes)

Simply bring your donations to Artplay, or call us for a pick-up. Every donation receives a FREE Artplay Mystery Bag!