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    Artplay: The Calm Place

    A Non-clinical Setting for Helping Kids

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    Emotional Wellness Sessions

    Teaching Kids to Manage Feelings

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    Sensory Tools

    Effective Ways to Calm Kids Down

We will continue to be open during the pandemic.

Call or text us at 602-329-1347.
Emailing us is great too! Click here.

Why Choose Artplay?
• Our calm environment is non-clinical
• Sessions are every other week
• You’ll get feedback after sessions
• We won’t diagnose your child
• All Master’s Degree-level helpers

Artplay sessions include art-making and sensory exploration, so that kids can explore how they feel and learn to manage their own emotions.”

— Liz Tomko, Owner, BFA, MAPC with a Specialty in Expressive Arts Therapy