Social groups help kids learn about friendship as well as problem-solving skills. We teach kids to control their emotions and understand other people’s perspectives.

Join us for our weekly social group that runs conveniently on Saturday mornings. Each month has a unique theme, and each week your child will socialize while creating an art project that relates to the theme (Example: Fun with Bugs, Camping or Jungle Animals.)

Elizabeth Rowley will lead the group in cute introductions, a social activity and craft, followed by taking pictures of their projects and each other for memorable fun each time!

For: 5 to 10 years old (multi-age learning)
Day and Time: Saturdays from 9-10am
Cost: $20 (includes art supplies)
Location: Camelot Square, 1130 E. Missouri Avenue, Suite 210
To Sign Up or for Questions: Call Elizabeth at 480-375-0723 or email

Multi-age groups are incredibly successful because of the influence the younger and older kids have on each other. The older kids feel empowered and confident, while the younger kids mature emotionally under the guidance of their role models.”
— Elizabeth Rowley, Group Leader