Tweens and teens have the need to socialize successfully, so Artplay has created this group to help align your child with other kind and supportive peers.

Artplay has observed over and over that tween and teens are striving to be socially adept in creative and kind ways, with the support of an adult-in-control. During these groups, they get the opportunity to build the social skills they need during this critical developmental stage of life. Facilitator, Caitlin, uses social craft-making and meaningful sharing to teach this dynamic age group ways to socialize successfully.

For: 11 to 16 year olds
Length: 1 hour per session
Cost: $40 per session
Day and Time: Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Location: Artplay, 1130 E. Missouri Avenue, Suite 300
To Sign Up or for Questions: Call owner Liz at 602-329-1347

Sample Activities and Sharing Questions:
• Candle-making, along with the question, “What makes you glow inside?”
• Bath Bombs with a treasure inside, along with the question, “Name your most treasured trait.”
• Melted Crayon Canvas, along with the question, “Identify your favorite mix of feeling colors and why?”
• Slime-making, along with the question, “Which personality are you: fluffy, stretchy or sticky?”
• Duct-Tape Creations, along with, “What personal rules do you stick by?”