The most fundamental (and often most effective) type of social group consists of only two people and is called a dyad. A triad is a social group that consists of three people, which is helpful when a child needs more broad social skills.


Artplay has discovered through the years that creating social groups with “open sign-ups,” puts kids together that might not help each other gain healthy social skills. So, we have begun aligning kids, based on personality and needs, so that your child can gain concrete strategies for succeeding in social settings (school being the big one). Artplay will help determine if your child would benefit most from dyad or triad groups, as well as making sure that the other kids are a match.

The sessions take place at Artplay, and after each session, you will get feedback about how you can support the skills that were learned.

For: All ages of kids (we will align based on age and emotional maturity)
Length: 50 minute session, typically every other week
Cost: $60 per child, per session
Call Owner Liz to Coordinate: 602-329-1347
Location: Camelot Square, 1130 E. Missouri Avenue, Building 300, Phoenix, AZ 85014

One important thing we’ve noticed lately, since Sophie has attended Artplay social groups, is that she is more willing to engage other people (food servers, our friends, etc.) in conversation and eye contact. A big time welcome. And a BIG TIME thank you for your work with her.

— Bob, parent of a child that struggled with social anxiety