Artplay offers helpful half hour phone calls with existing Artplay parents, to guide and support your parenting prowess, as we know your child well.


Artplay is child-centric, conducting individual sessions, sibling sessions and socializing groups with kids to empower them to manage their own emotions (parents and other adults cannot do this for them). But, sometimes, caretakers need to know how to respond to their child’s needs at home. For this reason, we can set up a time to talk about all the ways you can support them in-the-moment and long-term.

These sessions take place by phone, and will often include suggested referral info (books, websites) to further expand the knowledge of your child.

For: Parents and Caretakers
Length: 30 minute session, typically one-time
Cost: $60 per session
Available Session Hours: Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

To have someone as talented and knowledgable, committed and caring as you, in our lives, is the greatest blessing. Your insight and gentle guidance assures us as parents, that we are doing everything we can to assist our child.
— Lisa, parent of an adopted child from Ethiopia