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Liz Tomko
BFA, MAPC with a Specialty in Expressive Arts Therapy

Liz Tomko is an Expressive Arts Therapist who saw that there was a gap in creative therapy services for kids in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2010, she decided to change that by opening Artplay, a safe place for kids to explore their feelings through art-making and sensory play in a non-clinical setting.

Liz found inspiration for her calling as a teenager. While growing up in the outback of Australia during her formative years, the local high school art teacher told Liz to one day become an Art Therapist as she was naturally helping fellow students process their emotions through their art. Liz moved back to the U.S. and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) at Texas Tech in 1997 before moving to Arizona, where she worked as a graphic designer for 10 years. At that point, Liz took the sound advice of her outback art teacher and received her Master of Arts in Professional Counseling (MAPC) with a Specialty in Expressive Arts Therapy at Ottawa University in Phoenix. This degree enables Liz to help kids through the use of all forms of art. Instead of working for an agency, school or medical facility, Liz asserted her independence and founded Artplay in 2010. She continually grows Artplay by expanding services in order to help as many kids in the community as possible.


Becky Goudy
BA in Psychology, Master of Arts in Professional Counseling

Becky Goudy is a professional counselor that works with both children and their parents. She has been empowering the lives of her clients for over twelve years, as well as forming group programs that are teen-focused. Becky enjoys advocating for kids as well as parents. She believes in helping families strengthen and stabilize. At Artplay, Becky is incorporating her love for art with her exceptional therapy knowledge to help Artplay families. Becky is also an Active Parenting Facilitator.  

Becky spent her childhood in Australia and California, before getting married and moving to Arizona in order to raise her family. She completed a degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling at Rio Salado College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, plus her Master of Arts in Professional Counseling (MAPC) at Ottawa University in Phoenix. With her extensive education and experience, Becky is an asset to the families that attend Artplay.


Elizabeth Rowley
BS, Elementary Education, Tutor

For the past decade, Elizabeth Rowley has been helping kids find a way to love learning. A past Elementary School teacher with a multi-sensory approach to curriculum, she has taught Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies to all ages. Her enthusiasm for teaching with both art integration and traditional methodology has contributed to her students’ academic successes. She mostly tutors one-on-one, but also offers group learning when kids need to learn socialization skills.

Elizabeth spent most of her childhood in upstate New York. After graduating from high school in 2001, she decided to venture across the country to Phoenix to attend Arizona State University. While reflecting on what career path to take, she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a teacher. In 2005, she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. Before opening her own tutoring, Elizabeth worked at a multi-age, child-centered school, which had project-based learning through the arts. She was named “Teacher of the Year” as a result of her commitment to her school community. Many Artplay families have expressed interest in having a fun tutor for their child, rather than using a large tutoring company or putting their child in summer school. So, we now offer academic tutoring sessions that will engage your child in the arts, while they learn. Please call Elizabeth Rowley at 480-375-0723 to schedule.