Artplay is child-centered and we focus on the ability of children to learn how to identify and manage their own emotions. You (or any other adult) cannot manage your child’s emotions, so we empower them to do this for themselves.


Artplay sessions use art-making, sensory play, and large movement to help children explore their feelings. During the first session, your child will be asked to play Emotional Bingo (to assess if they can identify their feelings), make scented lotion (to see if there is sensory seeking or avoidance with smell/tactile sensations), followed by making a Safe Place Box (this is a big box that your child decorates with images and adds string lights before climbing inside to relax). There is a “you make it, you take it,” policy at Artplay, so this creation and future projects can be used at home – or school – for self-regulation. We want to lower anxiety, while empowering kids to create their own positive self-identity.

Sessions take place in rooms that allow for an art table, play area, loft and outdoor garden for your child to explore. There are two comfortable waiting rooms with couches, comfy chairs, table to work (with free w-fi) and if you want to relax, a massage chair! After each session, you will receive insights from the session and suggestions for how to help support your child, based on what they are mastering.

Ages: 4 to 18 years old
Length: 50 minute session, typically every other week
Cost: $95 per session
Available Session Hours: Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Location: 1130 E. Missouri Avenue, Suite 350, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Thank you for helping my granddaughter with her own self esteem… please continue to help her understand she is loved even if her family is not perfect! I am so happy she has you to confide in. You are her angel here on earth.”
— Jane, Grandmother of a child that has unreliable parents