Family sessions are for parents to join in the Artplay process of creating a happy home environment, or for siblings to build a stronger, more kind relationship.

Artplay recognizes that families need support outside of the individual child, so we offer family sessions. Often times siblings struggle to get along, so we conduct sessions with brothers and/or sisters to encourage kindness as well as giving them skills to co-exist in a healthy way. Other times, caretakers need a concrete list of ways to help their child so that there is no more chaos at home. We can help siblings succeed and/or help you to create a successful parenting plan.

The sessions take place in Artplay or Artplay Plus, and after each session, you will receive an email update with insights from that session that will support the skills that were learned and plans that were created.

For: Siblings (2-3 kids); Child and Parent(s); Parent(s) or Caretaker(s)
Length: 50 minute session, typically every other week
Cost: $120 per session
Available Session Hours: Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Location: Camelot Square, 1130 E. Missouri Avenue, Building 300, Phoenix, AZ 85014

We are so thankful for all of your help and guidance, and you have been a tremendous blessing to our family. We’re so glad you feel like we’ve locked-in the positive progress. We hope all the families that need you can find you.”
— Ron and Jill, parents of a child that was neglected by a nanny